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International Association for Studies of Gregorian Chant – German section.

The main focus of the AISCGre is the semiological approach to Gregorian Chant as it was founded by Eugène Cardine.
The AISCGre has different sections: German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Polish. There is currently no English section, nevertheless there are English-speaking members in all sections and the English language is used in our international meetings in addition to Italian and German.
This website offers information on AISCGre’s work and on Gregorian Chant:
You can find a calendar of events, an overview on editions of Gregorian Chant, scientific literature, digitised manuscripts, CD reviews, software, and weblinks. Although all information is provided in German, you can contact us in English as well.

Enjoy browsing through our website!
The board of the German AISCGre-section:

Vorstand 2023
Robert Karsten, Inga Behrendt, Stephan Zippe, Christoph Hönerlage, Liborius Lumma

Prof. Stephan Zippe, chair
Prof. Dr. Christoph Hönerlage, deputy
Prof. Dr. Inga Behrendt, secretary
Robert Karsten, treasurer
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Liborius Lumma, board member